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Who would not want to get a discount for a product or service? No one apparently, so if you are a consumer, finding where to get the best deals will be your top priority. Stanley Steemer is best known for their carpet cleaning services and that is the reason why many are waiting and wanting to get coupons to avail of discounted service.

If you are wondering where to get the coupons for Stanley Steemer, you need not to look that far because the company has a special section on their website specifically designed to entertain discount and promotion. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and it will automatically display the discount on the cleaning services available in your location. There will be times when you can get a discount for availing services such as $25 off on room bundle packages.

The Stanley Steemer group has pioneered in perfecting carpet cleaning across the homes in America for over 60 years. The business managed to last that long not only because they offer to do the service at the most convenient price but because they are doing the job with perfection, quality is guaranteed after their cleaning project. Today, Stanley Steemer is offering their service to over 300 locations in 48 states, so far one of the largest in the industry. Originally, the company was originally built with one vision and that is to provide the best carpet cleaning service ever. Now, from carpet cleaning the business has grown offering other services such as Air Duct Cleaning in 1998, Flooring Sales and Installation in 1999 and Tile and Grout Cleaning in 2001. The company was also successful in expanding the business through franchising. Stanley Steemer now has 250 franchises, working for over 2 million residences and generating an income of over $400 million dollars.

There are many carpet cleaning services available but many are still choosing Stanley Steemer.  This is because of the proven track record of the company over the years. So far, nothing can compare to the work of Stanley Steemer – restored vibrant color, texture and freshness of the carpet are guaranteed all the time. You will also expect an on time service and faster turnaround time. When Stanley Steemer does the work, you’ll be able to walk on the carpet right after the cleaning is completed. This is not the case for the other providers.  You will have to wait for hours or at least a day to allow the carpet to dry completely. Since the work will be done by the pioneer in the industry, you can also expect that only innovative and on-top of the line processes are used in cleaning, including hot water extraction. No other company has created their own procedure to match or level that process. To serve their customer better, the company has also offered on-line scheduling of services thru their website.

Stanley Steemer might be the answer you’re looking for. If you haven’t tried their service, well now is the right time. Call the company, schedule an appointment and experience the quality carpet cleaning on your own.


Carpets are everywhere – it’s in the living room, dining area and in your own bedroom. Keeping the carpet clean can become a heck of the job and there is no reason why you should not hate it in the first place. You can think that the task is so huge that you can’t take of doing it alone. Getting the services of carpet cleaning company can become an option but when your budget is limited, the best person to do the job is yours. There are carpet cleaning methods you can perform to make sure that you are doing the job right. Like any other thing, the beauty and life of a carpet will depend on the care that will be given. Once kept and maintained properly, it can add years of attractive life, thus more value for the money you spent in purchasing that piece of furniture. Regular vacuuming is the common approach in keeping the carpet clean but in only removes the dirt which is on top of the surface. It can’t really perform the job “within”.

Carpet Cleaning MethodsOther Carpet Cleaning Methods

· Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

o Using this method, the hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and immediately extracted using a wet vacuum. The process is widely known as “Steam Cleaning”.

· Shampooing

o It’s like giving your carpet a bath. Doing the “shampooing” method, the cleaning solution is showered onto the carpet through several openings using a circular brush. The action of the brush will create agitation or rubbing action on the carpet that will suspend soil and other dirt or impurities.

· Bonnet Cleaning

o This is like shampooing process and uses a rotary floor machine on the bottom of which attached a round absorbent pad. The detergent will be sprayed directly on the carpet and as the machine is operated, the shag pad will rotate on the carpet. This does the cleaning.

· Dry or Absorbent Cleaning

o This method uses an absorbent dry compound which is sprinkled on the carpet and is vacuumed off after half an hour to remove the soil suspended by the mixture or compound.

The frequency of cleaning the carpet will be up to you, depending on your availability. There are other considerations such as the size and the method which will be used before you can come up with the ideal times you need to have your carpet washed. You also need to remember that regardless of all the effort made, there will always come a time when the carpet will reach the appearance of an “unacceptable level”. The frequency will also depend on the carpet’s use conditions, soil conditions, constructional specifications, fiber type, color, etc.

Maintaining your carpet is not that easy but it can’t make you do so much of a workload provided that you are observing the proper procedures of keeping it clean. There are professional cleaners around you so when you finally decided to give up, don’t worry because other people can do the job for you.


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